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Does AT&T provide 5G?

As of 2019, AT&T wireless has 5G infrastructure in 21 cities and counting. So far, this has been available for businesses and commercial interests such as hospitals, but not for residents. In the cities with 5G infrastructure, you may notice faster wireless...

Is AT&T wireless just for phones?

Your AT&T wireless plan works with a variety of devices, including phones, tablets and laptops. This means you can share your data to stream or shop on any compatible device.

Does AT&T offer free phones?

When you switch your cell phone service to AT&T wireless, there are lots of deals you can take advantage of. Between instant rebates and contract offerings, it is very possible to get a free phone with your AT&T wireless service!

Does AT&T offer Rollover Data?

When you subscribe to an AT&T wireless shared plan, you have the ability to roll over unused data to your next billing period. Although there is no limit to how much you can roll over, all rolled over data will expire following the subsequent billing period.

What is Stream Saver?

The Stream Saver feature, which is included with AT&T's top wireless tier, allows subscribers to adjust HD video to standard definition, which allows you to stream more content without using more data. Ultimately, it allows you watch the TV shows and movies you...

What family wireless plans does AT&T offer?

Depending on your wireless needs, AT&T offers three different family wireless plans, each with four separate lines, ranging from $140 to $200 per month. All wireless plans offer standard definition streaming, unlimited talk, text, and data in the U.S., Mexico, and...

Does AT&T offer unlimited wireless data?

AT&T offers subscribers three tiers for unlimited wireless data, ranging from $35 per line to $48 per line. All unlimited wireless plans come with standard definition streaming, spam and fraud alerts, and unlimited texting from the U.S. to over 120 countries....