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Why do I need an AT&T account?

Your AT&T account makes it easier to pay all your AT&T bills for any service, whether business, residential, wireless, or even wearables. If you have any AT&T device, you already have an account, and all you need to do to use it is activate it.

How do I create an AT&T account?

All you have to do to create your AT&T account is go to the myAT&T sign-in page with your billing zip code and either your AT&T phone number or account number. You may even already have an account, if you have other AT&T devices or services. From...

How can I check my AT&T bill?

AT&T has set up a few simple methods to check and pay your AT&T bill. Wireless customers can check or pay directly from their devices. Internet and DIRECTV STREAM customers as well as wireless customers can also check and pay their bill online with myAT&T....