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What is the difference between DIRECTV and AT&T TV?

The biggest difference between DIRECTV and AT&T TV is the method of delivery. DIRECTV is quality satellite television, and AT&T TV is high-quality cable. Both offer hundreds of popular channels and channel packages, so which one you prefer depends on what you...

Does AT&T still offer U-verse TV?

The next generation of cable television from AT&T is AT&T TV! You'll get all the great channels we've always offered, but entertainment has grown and we've grown with it. AT&T TV lets you stream your shows on any device, has cloud storage DVR, and even...

Is AT&T TV better than Comcast Xfinity?

While both options come equipped with special features, like a voice remote with virtual assistant that controls all of your entertainment and smart home devices, only AT&T TV gives you access to thousands of apps, the ability to cast photos, videos, and music...

What is AT&T TV?

Launched in August 2019, AT&T TV is AT&T's latest television experience. DIRECTV is now officially known as AT&T TV. Like DIRECTV, AT&T TV is still a contract cable TV service, and will eventually replace DIRECTV. Monthly prices range from $59.99 per...