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Stephanie Hudson

About Stephanie Hudson

Stephanie Hudson is the Content Editor at AT&T Bundles. She focuses her content on the telecom industries, the understanding of broadband technologies, and providing tips and tricks on Internet-related equipment. Stephanie covers an array of issues ranging from broadband policies to the latest technology available on the market.


Though she’s fairly new to the telecom industry, Stephanie has been working as a writer for over five years. She started out as a fashion blog writer and spent three years working for various fashion magazines on a freelance capacity. She’s been published in Vogue Magazine, Elle Magazine, and most recently Teen Vogue. In the last two years, she switched her focus to the telecom industries after becoming interested in the lack of Internet advancement and resources in rural areas. She’s passionate about communications and believes in everyone having equal access to the same quality of Internet connection. Stephanie enjoys discovering new data and studies on infrastructure; specifically, how it can help develop better Internet in remote parts of the country and the world. She is adamant about publishing content that everyone can understand and finding new ways to tell the story by providing a unique perspective to the context that can help consumers digest difficult concepts.

Professional Background and Education

Stephanie attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA. She pursued a double major in Digital Marketing and Merchandise Product Development. She received a Bachelor’s degree with honors and has plans to go back to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Business. Stephanie actively collaborates with other online publications that want to talk about telecom industries and the digital divide. She’s been featured on various podcasts and radio shows across the San Francisco Bay Area.


Stephanie resides on the west coast and enjoys living in the San Francisco Bay area. When she’s not busy writing about Internet-related issues and expanding broadband into rural areas, she is usually on the hunt for the best seafood she can find around town. To Stephanie, there’s nothing better than lobster on a Sunday morning.

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